Trust Administration

In many family situations, it may be prudent to hire the services of a professional trustee, guardian or executor.  This professional’s duty to the beneficiaries encompasses financial management of the estate, tax and legal compliance as well as personal care of the beneficiary.


Many situations arise which may require a professional trustee, guardian or executor, whether it be by direction of a court, for a minor or incapacitated beneficiary, due to the size or the complexity of the estate and many other reasons.  Additionally, many trust and guardianship estate exist for many years and require significant time and effort of the trustee or guardian to administer the estate.

When considering naming an individual, a corporate trustee or an individual professional trustee to serve as your trustee, you should consider the related responsibilities of the administration of the trustee estate and the prospective trustee’s qualifications and willingness to serve.  At WEBSTER & SCHELLI,  we serve in the capacity of Trustee, Guardian and Executor for many of or clients.  It is a role we take very serious to protect the interests of the beneficiaries and carry out the grantor’s wishes.

Services to be provided include:

  • Record keeping and Accountings
  • Tax Preparation/Tax Planning
  • Accurate monthly and Quarterly Reporting to Family
  • Bill Payments
  • Custody of Assets
  • Coordination with Estate’s Attorneys and Courts
  • Financial Consulting
  • Portfolio Management in Accordance with Applicable Laws
  • Collection of Dividends, Interest and Periodic Annuity Payments
  • Attend Court Hearings When Necessary

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