Dying is unavoidable, stress and excessive fees are not.  A probate proceeding is required whenever a person dies and leaves assets where ownership becomes unclear, sometimes referred to as Probate Property. 


Typically, a husband survived by his wife will have very little, if any, Probate Property because most husbands and wives owner their property in “Joint Tenancy with Rights of Survivorship”.  When the one spouse dies, ownership and all jointly held property would automatically transfer solely to the surviving spouse.  However, if the surviving spouse subsequently dies without retitling their assets, then all of her property will likely become probate assets.  Therefore, the same asset can be alternatively a probate or non-probate asset.

Once it has been determined that probate assets exist, the expense of probate can very greatly based upon whether or not the decedent(s) has a will, whether the probate assets exceed $100,000.00 in total value, whether the decedent owned real property outside the state in which he resided, and finally the location, disposition and demeanor of the heirs.


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