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The decision to begin or take your existing business to the next level is exciting.  That decision can also be confusing and unnerving when you receive conflicting advice form different advisors.


Mike Webster and Jim Schelli are both C.P.A.s as well as Attorneys.  Jim and Mike met while working at Arthur Andersen & Company in the mid 1980’s while it was the largest and most prestigious accounting firm in the world.

The process of creating a business entity starts with the choice of business entity that best fits your business’ needs and objectives.  Jim Schelli and Mike Webster are often asked to reconcile the differing advice their clients have received for different professionals and business owners.  Sometimes the seemingly conflicting advice is no more than a choice between two very similar options.  Sometimes the conflicting advice is nothing more than a misunderstanding of the facts and occasionally there exists a true decision to make between different schools of thought.  Jim Schelli and Mike Webster each have decades of experience to help explain the choices and to guide the business owner through the decisions.

At Webster & Schelli we take a decidedly anti-litigation stance.  We try whenever possible to avoid costly litigation as we have witnessed situations when the cost of the trial can exceed any possible award.  That said, there are times when a business owner must seek the help of the courts to resolve an issue.  When there is no reasonable alternative to litigation we have developed strategic alliances with well know and respected litigation law firms that we can bring in to assist our clients.  At Webster & Schelli we do not merely make a referral but instead stay as involved as necessary to assist and support the litigating attorneys helping them achieve the best results at the lowest cost. 

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