Bankruptcy & Debt Consulting

Jim Schelli has represented clients in all aspects of debt counseling.  He has worked with clients to restructure their debts and has negotiated with creditors to reduce clients’ liabilities.  When the situation warrants, Mr. Schelli represents clients in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcies.

In October of 2005, the latest and perhaps most far reaching revision to the Bankruptcy laws took effect.  The changes, promoted by the credit card industry for years, have imposed new requirements, limits, and complexities.  The new law was promoted as a way to reduced the total number of new cases filed while shifting the ratio of those cases in favor of Chapter 13 (payment plan) cases.

More than ever, debtors will require experienced, competent assistance to navigate the obstacles and complexities of the new law.  Jim Schelli has represented individuals and business in bankruptcy since 1991.  if you would like to speak with Mr. Schelli about how Webster & Schelli may assist you with reorganizing or eliminating your debts, please complete the preliminary debt counseling questionnaire and contact our office to schedule an appointment.  There is a $200.00 consultation fee, which, if you do choose to retain Mr. Schelli to complete your bankruptcy, will be applied against our fixed fee.

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